Plasma and Combustion Research Laboratory at Mississippi State University is directed by Dr. Omid Askari. The PCRL has an optical Constant Volume Combustion Chamber (CVCC), an optically-accessible variable compression ratio Rapid Compression Expansion Machine (RCEM) and a coflow single-element burner for combustion characteristics, flame instability, spray development, auto-ignition, flame kernel and plasma assisted ignition/combustion studies. To investigate spray formation, fuel distribution field, flame structure and species concentrations, PCRL is equipped with optical and laser diagnostics such as schlieren/shadowgraph imaging, Chemiluminescence Spectroscopy and Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence (PLIF) systems along with a high speed CMOS camera coupled to a high-speed UV image intensifier. For plasma-assisted ignition/combustion studies, the low-temperature plasma is supplied using a high-voltage repetitive nanosecond pulse (RNP) plasma generator.

Dr. Omid Askari